CIO Latin America Summit

A forum for innovative IT thought leaders in Latin America

The past two years of financial turmoil have changed the world's economy, making it difficult to put your organization in a position to achieve success. The business goals have changed and CIOs are now tasked with trying to find emerging business opportunities that can drive value throughout the enterprise.

We're in a historic transition"one filled with opportunity, challenge and hope. Preparing for the upturn and making the right decisions in times of change can better position your enterprise to succeed in the coming years. Accordingly, the theme of this year's summit is CIOs in Transition - The Shift from Cost Saver to Value Provider.

The CIO Latin America Summit is an opportunity for Latin America's greatest thinkers to engage in hard-hitting dialogue, discussion and debate. This is a unique opportunity to take part in C-suite, peer-on-peer networking at a pivotal point in your career.

There has never been a greater opportunity for you, as an IT leader, to provide real business value for your organization. In order for you to take time out of the office, it must be time well spent. We've created a unique blend of focused agenda sessions that will leave you invigorated and enthusiastic, and provide you with critical takeaways that you can implement at your business.

Here are a few reasons why you need to join us:

Insight: Forget the traditional slideshow presentation - the CIO Latin America Summit is about IT executives sharing true insight through face-to-face interaction. Attending delegates will share project experiences, best practices and lessons learned to give each other a holistic view of the issues at hand, and the insight needed to improve their businesses.

Content: The CIO Latin America Summit is driven by quality content. This is an opportunity to connect with more than 35 C-level peers as they discuss critical topics selected by a Content Committee of attending delegates. The agenda includes 25 interactive, experience-driven discussions, 10 executive vision sessions and five leadership workshops.

Networking: Connect with an array of C-level peers to exchange ideas, share technology insight and build long-lasting professional relationships. Attending delegates recharge current professional relationships and make new ones to drive future success.

Takeaways: The CIO Latin America Summit creates the opportunity for close collaboration between C-level peers in a comfortable, yet focused business setting. The summit format enables attending delegates to focus on the issues at hand, sharing ideas and obtaining critical takeaways to implement back at their organizations.

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